Mickey and Pluto Original HPM 1 of 1

This 1 of 1 limited edition print of the original Mickey and Pluto artwork is handpainted by Feromontana. In addition to the original artwork, Feromontana added two speech bubbles with quotes from Mickey and Pluto.

Feros Smiley Formula Spray Can 1-Blue

Fero’s Smiley Formular makes laugh not war. This unique work on canvas shows the Feromontana branded, smiley formula spray can in action. Contains 400 Smileys to spread laugh and happiness!

I love you 1

Micky holding a heart baloon which is meant for Minnie

I love you 2

Micky holding a heart Balloon which is meant for Minnie

Being Loved 1

Minnie waiting to be handed the red balloon from mickey

The Friendly Supercar

The friendly supercar was designed by Feromontana in 2020 to spread joy and happiness during this difficult time.

308 Still in the Can

Feromontanas famous Smiley spray can – now with improved smiley formula – for more smiles and laughter. 92 Blue Smileys on canvas.

Friendly Spray Can Red

Feromontanas friendly spray can is filled with joy and smiles. An unique artwork on canvas.