The Florence Biennale 2019

  • 14.01.2020, 21:18

After exhibiting the award winning Diana Sculpture at the 2017 Florence Biennale, Feromontana managed to impress exhibitors, curators and organizers once again at the 2019 edition of the renowned italian art fair.

With the Mona Lisa Turning Series, Feromontana created 5 impressive contemporary Mona Lisa paintings which turned heads at the biennale. Located just after the entrance to the biennale, the series payed tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci who greatly influenced Italian Rennaissance and spent much of his life in Florence.

With countless visitors stopping to take a selfie with the contemporary version of Leonardos Mona Lisa Masterpiece, Italian Television Channels featuring the works in their broadcasts and established magazines like the Art Market Magazine bringing stories about the works of Feromontana, the Florence Biennale was a full success.