About Feromontana

Every once in a while, something completely new comes to the world of art. The works of Feromontana, born in Graz, Austria 1964, one of the most influential Austrian lawyers and a law professor for public law at the University of Graz, seem to prove this saying true. Feromontana, creates unique art no one has ever seen before.

This has been recognized by the art world in a very special way. The influential international “Art Market Magazine” issued a special edition of the top contemporary artists of today, featuring 50 contemporary artists who influence the art world of today. And a sculpture of Feromontana decorates the cover as well as the rear page of the magazine. Inside the magazine there are six pages which feature his artwork. Other magazines as well featured artworks from Feromontana on their cover. His art was exhibited at the biennale in Venice as well as in the most influential art-locations in the world such as New York, Tokio, Dubai, Madrid, Vienna or Florence and is sold by galleries all over the world.


Feromontana’s paintings are unique in it’s style. Feromontana describes his work as follows: “I consider art as something that should make people happy. Therefore, I try to create only positive art that gives hope and joy. I am influenced by the amazing work of Damien Hirst. His spot paintings were the starting point of my career. I heard many young colleagues say: ‘What is so special about Hirst, I could have done his spot paintings when I was 7!‘  But when I challenged them to develop Hirsts’ work into something new, to advance the spots into new paintings, in other words to create own art which is that simple and that powerful, nothing came. That was when I decided to enhance Damien’s work. To enhance it into new works. New works “a 7-year-old could have done”, but never had. Into something not even Damien thought about. I decided to take his spots, shuffle them and let me flow into the different directions my own creative mind leads me to. And it led me to various beautiful places. To marble statues, to flying spots and flying rings, to reduced spot cartoons and figures, which give the observer the impression of three-dimensional figures just by the shape of the spots, to rectangle, ball and cube paintings. And I am still walking to new places every day“.

Asked about his origin and his occupation as a lawyer, Feromontana answers: “Regarding my art it does not matter where I am from and what I do for a living. I don’t like borders and I strongly oppose nationalism. I am a citizen of the world and my art is global. I adore Farhad Moshiri as much as I admire Jackson Pollocks’ work. Andy Dipo, Takashi Murakami, Seen, Julian Opie – origin is as irrelevant as the background where an artist is coming from is irrelevant. If not art what else could bind us all together as mankind?