Feromontana on the cover of ART Market Magazine

  • 21.05.2020, 22:01

I was selected as one of the top contemporary artists of today by the renowned art market magazine. To make things even better, my Diana statue was selected to be on the cover of the widely distributed magazine.

The Art Market Magazine GOLD LIST: Top Contemporary Artists of Today.
“This special highly-anticipated and groundbreaking publication is a special edition, which features a top list of the most talented, inspiring and promising artists operating in the world today, in our opinion. Featuring extraordinary artists, Art Market magazine offers a direct look into the contemporary art in all fields, and gives a quality list of artists to invest in and to be inspired by.”

The honorable Art Market Magazine’s GOLD LIST of Top Emerging Artists of Today, Gets a full distribution and exposure to over 50,0000 readers around the world, with a direct distribution in Digital & Print and direct exposure to Art Gallery owners, museum and gallery curators, Art collectors, investors and to the people who makes the art industry of today.