Feromontana NFT Artwork added to Museum Collection

  • 29.04.2021, 23:19

For the first time ever, a Museum adds two Non-Fungible Token Artworks to its permanent collection of artworks – the headline of the recent press realease from the Universalmuseum Joanneum, the oldest museum in Austria.

Feromontana is proud to be part of this historic moment by adding the first ever Non Fungible Token Artwork to a Museum Collection. The edition number 1/25 of the recently minted “308 Still in the Can” Artwork, along with Tom Lohners “Electricity” Artwork was handed over to the Museum in Graz, Austria during a meeting with the CEO and Director of Universalmuseum Joanneum and the Styrian Cultural Minister.

The NFT Artwork was minted (integrated) into the Blockchain through, a digital asset marketplace from Austria. The Artwork is embedded in the Flow Blockchain and the edition numbers 2/25 – 25/25 will be offered for sale in the middle of may through

The artwork added to the museum collection is an animated version of the physical 308 Still in the Can artwork which is currently part of a private collection. The physical 308 Still in the Can artwork has also been depicted on the cover of the recently released JUST Magazine.

Stay tuned for more information and follow the below link for the official press release of the Universalmuseum Joanneum!