ASKÖ Art Wall – Graz, Austria

  • 18.05.2022, 12:08

The “ASKÖ Art Wall” is an initiative from ASKÖ Steiermark (Sports Association) and Eisenberger Rechtsanwälte (Law firm) to offer local artists a stage to showcase their artworks. The first edition of the ASKÖ Art Wall features 9 different Artists from Graz, Austria, which are displaying either 1, 2 or 3 different artworks on the oustide wall of the ASKÖ Sports Center. The Wall is located along a public street in front of the Eggenberg Palace. The artworks are printed on to 5 meter wide and 2,4 meter high aluminum dibond plates which are mounted onto the wall.

The following Artists are featured on the first edition of the ASKÖ Art Wall 2022:

  • Feromontana
  • Tom Lohner
  • Florian Satzinger
  • Carola Deutsch
  • Lewis Blake
  • Alexandra Kurtz
  • Tamara Kolb
  • Dagmar Beyer
  • Marion Rauter

The area where the artworks are displayed is known for its rich cultural heritage with the Eggenberg Palace – the most significant Baroque palace complex in the Austrian province of Styria – right across the street of the ASKÖ Art Wall. The palace was built in 1645 and is owned by the Universalmuseum Joanneum.

I am very excited to feature two of my Mickey Mouse spot paintings on the ASKÖ Art Wall. The artworks will be displayed for the next several months. Make sure to stop by, take a picture and tag 🙂