Feromontana at Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2023

  • 02.11.2023, 13:55

Feromontana was back at Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt for the third time!

Feromontana was part of the Bakerhouse Gallery Booth at the 2023 edition of the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Germany. A total of 12 original Feromontana artworks and two limited edition prints were exhibited by Bakerhouse Gallery. In addition, the Gallery exhibited works from Mr. Brainwash, Kaws, AiWeiwei, Javier Calleja, Yoshitomo Nara, Shepard Fairey, Josef Florian Krichbaum and Peter Tauber.

In the gallery below you can find some pictures of the incredible Bakerhouse Gallery Booth. For information about exhibited artworks or inquiries, please contact

If you want to watch a video walkthrough of the 2023 edition of Discovery Art Fair, you can do so here: