I try to link the antique sculpture skills and the beauty of marble statues with the contemporary present. I want my art to be a colourful and positive combination of present and past themes. My Mission


Amsterdam Whitney Gallery - New York Exhibition "Salute to the Stars"

05.05 2018, 21:02

“STARS FROM EARTH” - Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York - MAY 5-JUNE 14, 2018

Inspired by Damien Hirst’s statement, “I love color. I feel it inside me. It gives me a buzz,” Feromontana, creates innovative polychromatic large-scale canvases which spiritually communicate the harmony of humans in nature. Blending the realm of the fantastical with the real, Feromontana mystically translates sculptural forms of the goddess Diana and Michelangelo’s David as he powerfully reveals with great
sympatico the reality of the invisible within the visible. Galvanized by Damien Hirst’s spots, Feromontana “takes his spots, shuffles them, and I flow into the different directions my own mind leads me to. To marble statues, to flying spots, and rings…” Suggesting a sophistication of style that bridges classical sculpture with
contemporary painting techniques, an exhilarating energy replete with joie de vivre emblazon Feromontana's rainbow-hued compositions.

“I try to link the antique sculpture skills and the beauty of marble statues with the contemporary present. I want my art to be a colorful and positive combination of present and past themes,” states Feromontana. Channeling his fascination with abstraction, whether it is an entire non-objective canvas or dream-like human forms, Feromontana metamorphoses his passion into graceful dreamscapes that exude charm and beauty.  The chromaticity of his saturated colors and balanced compositions emphasize the other-wordy qualities of his
mythological subjects. Each of his virtuosic paintings has its own cadence, reflecting rhythmic tempos; some of which are syncopated and fast-paced while others are more measured and understated.  Juxtaposing the movement of his glowing dots with colorific hues of  blue, green, or gradients of other tones, Feromontana’s forms swirl into unique compositions that mirror the essence of the  human spirit.

Intuitively applying bold gestural brushstrokes, his mystical myth paintings metamorphose into semi-abstract expressionist tableaux where chromatic forms appear to be animated and accessible. His expert use of light and shadow reflect a language of energy that contributes to the expressionistic element of his work.  Offering a primal sense of vital energy to his works, we view the interaction of unique spatial relationships which balance against each other with a musical sense of movement.  Celebrating the essence of the human spirit, Feromontana’s powerful spray paint application resonates with breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring technique. This gifted art defines with a visual melody, the special union between the mythological and the human realm.

Rich in artistic tradition and seeped in history, Feromontana’s “four dimensional” fantasia-hued spot portraits expertly reveal extraordinary facility with realistic figuration. Also a preeminent sculptor and successful lawyer, Feromontana lives and works in Austria. Exhibiting throughout Europe as well as the United States,
Feromontana’s paintings and sculptures are featured in private collections and gardens internationally.

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Creator of 4-dimensional Art

I try to link the antique sculpture skills and the beauty of marble statues with the contemporary present. I want my art to be a colourful and positive combination of present and past themes.

I - Awareness

Everyone knows how to move in a room. Even a small child can move naturally in the third dimension. There is height, length and width. But there's something else that affects our life congenitally. There is time. Time draws our attention to the volatility of life. Feromontana's sculptures teleport us to the fourth dimension. They give us space-time. They give us the awareness that we are ephemeral and sharpen our perception. This is the first function of art.

II - Mindfulness

In the space-time dimension, we experience a sort of time travel. "If we could only return in time, we could fix the mistakes we made". Through these thoughts mistakes become a symbol of reflection. For, as thinking beings, we know, of course, that there is no way back. But as feeling beings, we still want to be alive in memories. This is the fascination of the fourth dimension. Old sculptures come from the past as inanimate matter, and Feromontana invigorates them with a new skin. The present is the only moment we can genuinely be in. To recognize this, is the second function of art.

III – Transforming Energy

Sooner or later we ask ourselves. Will it take a long time, or will it happen quickly? How many hours will it take? Time is measurable. We measure with watches. But: Can you actually be in the middle of time? The possibility of time travel would mean that the whole universe is returned to a certain state in the past. For this, however, more energy would be needed than the universe has at its disposal. Therefore the solution is quite simple: always start in the moment. In the fourth dimension of art, this means re-shaping the sculptures and thus recreating them for the future. The third function of art.

IV - Feel the Invisible

Dimension is the extension in a direction that can not be represented by subordinate dimensions. The fourth dimension is not time alone. The fourth dimension is space-time. The hyperspace. As cosmic beings, we distinguish between prehistory and time. And so Feromontana, the creator of four-dimensional art, adds: Do not think about what you see, but what you feel when you are touched by the invisible power of space. This is the fourth function of art.

V - Patterns and Forms are the Message

Fractals are examples of the fascination of the hidden dimensions of nature. Fractals can be found by dividing a thing over and over again. Thus order can be found in chaos. Fractals form the core of life. Fractals are elements of the fourth dimension of nature. Mathematically, fractals are generated by iteration. It is a process of multiple repetition of the same action with the aim of finding particular solutions. We recognize the iteration in Feromontana clearly in the colourful patterns and forms.

Feromontana therefor is the Creator of four-dimensional Art.