“Coming Out” Auctioned for €8.500

  • 16.12.2023, 18:04

For the 4th consecutive time, Feromontana has donated one of his original artworks to the Grazetta Licht ins Dunkel Charity Auction. The annual event which collects more than €200.000 in donations every year features artworks from 10 different artists including Günter Brus, Tom Lohner, John Petschinger, Lewis Blake and Asma Kocjan.

For the 2023 edition, Feromontana donated the work “Coming Out” which was special made for and has been exhibited in the entrance area of the Florence Biennale 2023. After a bidding war with multiple bidders, the highest bid came in at €8.500, which means that €8.500 are being donated towards the great initiatives from Licht ins Dunkel Austria.

Thanks to Grazetta and Technopark Raaba for this great event.